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MRC Snubber Capacitor Resistor-Capacitor

MRC unit (snubber capacitor) have the capacity to store surge voltages and current energy,and afford protection against inductively induced potentials.The dielectric material of the MRC unit(used in snubber capacitor)affords a very high degree of voltage with stand strength.To prodvide additional protection for equipment and users,especially when these components are used in AC applications.All MRC unit are encased in a flame resistant plasitic case and sealed with expoxy resin which meet UL-94 Flame Class V-0.


- Small case size with superior performance.
- Suitable for PCB mounting
- Ideal for AC or DC application.
- Large product selection range with 1/4, 1/2,1 and 2 watt resistors,0.001uF to 1.0µF capacitance

- Providing flexible wire,tubular and box type on request


- Protections for contacts and from noise during switching operations of equipment such as radio,TV,lopier,mixers, coffee grinders,dryer,tool machine equipment,etc.
- Protection of electronic instruments during operation of relays,solenoids, motors,etc.
- Electrical noise protection of semiconductor devices during control of triacs, thyristors, motors, welders, illumination equipment,etc.


Metallized Polypropylene film,non-inductive with the self-healing property


Non – inductive,high pulse resistor


Tinned wire or polyvinylchhloride(PVC)insulation stranded copper wire


Encapsulated in reinforced flame retardant plastic case sealed with epoxy resin meeting the requirement of UL94V-0


X2 Class - Climatic Catalogue 40/100/21(GMF)

Capacitance versus

rated voltage(Ur)

(SERIES) 0.01 µF –-- 1.0 µF 300 Vac

(PARALLEL) 0.01 µF –-- 0.68 µF 300 Vac

Capacitance Tolerance

M= ±20%   K= ±10%   J= ±5%

Resistance and Power

(SERIES) 10 – 470 µ : 1/4, 1/2, 1 or 2 Watt

(PARALLEL) 1 – 2.2 Mµ : 1/4, 1/2, 1 Watt

Voltage Proof

4.3 * Ur ( 1 minute at 20°C)

Insulation Resistance

C0.33 µF   IR15,000 MΩ C>0.33 µF   IR * C5,000 MΩ

(1 minute at 20 ºC and RH65%)